How important is roofing Insulation?

In most cases, people prefer using long-lasting and waterproof materials for their roofing. They forget to invest on proper roofing insulation. However, the truth is that roof insulation does have a significant effect on your buildings performance and operation cost. Therefore, here are some important benefits you will enjoy by properly insulating your roof.


    • Reduces power bills



First and foremost, roof insulations work by either trapping warm or cold air inside your house. This helps reduces the energy consumption in your home to a significant level.



    • Prevents growth of molds



Insulated roofs act as mold-resistant. With climate control systems such as heating and cooling functionalities, moist air is usually trapped under the roof. When left for long, the humid air can always condense, forming favorable conditions for mold growth. Nonetheless, with proper roof insulation in place, no condensation can occur.



    • Protects your home from fire



One of the most dangerous hazards that can happen to your home is a fire outbreak. However, in the event of such hazards, insulation can always prevent your roof from igniting. This is because they are made with fireproof properties to add protection layers to your building.


    • It reduces the carbon footprint



According to recent studies, roof insulation reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emission to some significant amounts. This helps in combating air pollution hence reducing carbon footprint.


Final thoughts


Roof insulations have increased dramatically over the past few decades. The majority of new commercial buildings are starting to shift their focus towards the benefits of roof insulation. In as much as roofing projects are expensive, their benefits do outweigh their cost by far. For instance, they help cut down your electric bills, improve fire safety, and prevent the growth of mold. Therefore, insulation is not only more than an option but a necessity for every commercial building.